Fredric Fredo Österlund

Born and raised in Västerås, a medium-sized city in Sweden. Fredo started his career as a young drummer through the Swedish Municipal Music School in the 80s and later the Music High School in the early 90s. During that time Fredo played with a variety of constellations, bands, school orchestras, etc. In 1994 Fredo then moved to Stockholm, the Capitol city of Sweden to study further music education. Life as an active musician in Stockholm continued and Fredo started to gain a large network of contacts, music colleagues, bands, artists, producers, etc.

After a few years in Stockholm’s musical life, during the early 2000s, Fredo started the Special99 party band together with some friends and freelance musicians. The band played at various type of events and their careers started to take off seriously. Fredo began to receive more and more assignments with several of Sweden’s various touring artists. One of the artists that Fredo has been teamed up with since 2004 and still performs with is the Swedish artist Shirley Clamp.

At the time around the year 2005 Fredo also studied at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, where he hooked up with a musical project called “Swedish Hit Music Orchestra”. This was project consisting of a number of concerts which celebrated Swedish songwriters and producers. This eventually led to the band being commissioned to participate as house orchestra in the pilot TV-show Sommarkrysset which started in 2005 in Swedish National television.

Sommarkrysset became a tremendous success and has been going on ever since. The program is broadcast live from the amusement park Gröna Lund in Stockholm every Saturday evenings during the summer months. Due to being a member in the band Fredo has had the privilege of playing behind countless different artists. Some big names can be mentioned. Zara Larsson, Howard Jones, Bonnie Tyler, Månz Zelmerlöw, Martha Wash (Weather Girls), Sylver Logan Sharp (Chick), Veronica Maggio, John Lundvik, Loreen, Ray BLK, Doug Seegers…. and many more. In total, there have been about 140 programs over the years.

Fredo has also played on Shows and tours with the Swedish pop and rock phenomenon, Magnus Uggla, which is an unmatched legend in Swedish music life. Magnus Uggla has been active since the 1970s and is still one of the greatest Swedish artists of all time.

Today Fredo works extensively with recordings and productions in his own recording studio Lövholmen Studio in Tumba, Stockholm. Fredo records drums with different artists and musicians. Fredo also works with his partner Ditte Lindbom, who runs the record label Young Music Sweden and the music business company Artistia. Fredo often participates as a musician and co-producer on many different Young Music Swedens releases with various different artists.

The future is open and Fredo continues his work as a drummer with various artists, sessions and recordings. The motto for the future is to keep on being musically creative and continue the privileged life as a drummer!

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